2017-10-17 Credit Risk Management Webinar Part 1

Date Created: October 20, 2017
TCT Credit Migration Presentation - Part 1.pdf
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Credit Risk Management Webinar: Part 1

What are credit scores? Why and how do they change?
This is the first session in the Federation and TCT Risk Solutions webinar series on Credit Risk Management, which is designed specifically for CDCUs and covers issues related to managing your loan portfolio over the term of your loans.

The purpose of this series to increase credit union leaders’ understanding of credit risk management tools and strategies in order to promote lending to the underserved. For Part 1, this 1-hour webinar will focus on credit scores and how they change by presenting case studies and personalized examples that provide a clear description of credit migration.  What is it, how does it work and what contribution does it make to credit risk management?

Randy Thompson, CEO and Founder, TCT Risk Solutions

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