2017-03-23 Cyber Security: What All CUs Need to Know

Date Created: March 28, 2017
Cyber Security - March 2017.pdf
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Is cyber security a top priority for your credit union

Learn what's needed to protect your credit union and maintain members' trust

Part 748 of NCUA's regulations require federally insured credit unions to have the procedures in place to anticipate, identify and mitigate cyber security risks. Keeping up with ever-evolving cyber threats can be costly and resource intensive. Join us for this new webinar about how your credit union can move towards better cyber security in a practical, cost-effective way.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Staff and Board responsibilities for cyber security
  • How you should respond to a data breach
  • Your cyber security risk assessment
  • Moving your credit union towards better cyber security
  • What credit unions are doing to comply with current regulations


  • Tim Segerson, Deputy Director, Office of Examination and Insurance, National Credit Union Administration
  • Erika Cappiello, Cappiello Associates, In-house Counsel for South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union
  • Roland Shannon, Solution Analyst, EPL, Inc.
  • Marco Villegas, Business Development Officer, Texas Community FCU
  • Jacob Rojeski, IS Technician, Community Credit Union of Southern Humboldt

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