2015-10-21 14.02 The Federation – Thompson Consulting Webinar Series

Date Created: June 21, 2016
Expanding Loan Portfolios to Maximize Loan Profitability TCT.pdf
2015-10-21 14.02 The Federation - Thompson Consulting Webinar Series.mp4

Lending to Credit Challenged Members Using Risk Based Loan Pricing

Learning to credit challenged members can benefit credit unions as well as their members and communities. This session will show you how to increase your profit potential by reaching deeper into the loan market, plus:

  • the risks of loaning to primarily prime borrowers
  • the weakness in most reserves based lending (RBL) models and how the proper model helps control delinquencies and charge-offs, improve portfolio performance and optimize earnings
  • how to accurately price loans for each risk grade to assure that the additional cost of loaning to less-than-prime borrowers is factored into your loan rates
  • how to integrate RBL into your strategic plan and budgeting processes

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