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CDFI Forum: Building a strong and diverse network of
Community Development Financial Institutions in Puerto Rico 

We’d like to express our deepest gratitude for your contribution to the success of this convening, the first ever to focus on the local credit unions and Cooperativas de Ahorro y Crédito. Collectively, they serve more than one million primarily low and moderate income Puerto Ricans. These institutions, have combined assets of almost $9 billion and in many cases, they are the only financial institution operating in rural communities or serving low and moderate income consumers.  132 leaders came together to learn and share experiences, representing 70 organizations (52 Cooperativas de Ahorro y Crédito, 3 Federal Credit Unions, 3 loan funds, 3 banks, 3 non-profits).  Beyond the sharing of terrific content and the facilitation of partnerships that can be greatly leveraged to benefit the people of Puerto Rico, our goal is to provide the local Cooperativas de Ahorro y Crédito with the tools and support they need to apply for funding, resources that are more critical than ever given the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. We believe that the enthusiasm and interest shown by local leaders will result in many of them seeking CDFI certification. We also hope and expect that some will be able to apply for funding this round. We were pleased to see the high level of eagerness and interest from the participants:

  • 27 organizations applied for or updated their DUNS
  • 21 opened their SAM’s accounts
  • 15 opened their Grants.gov accounts
  • 10 initiated the process to register in the AMIS system
  • 21 participated in a compliance session provided by the Credit Union Association of New York

We’re particularly proud to have facilitated a preliminary meeting between the CDFI Fund and COSSEC, the local regulator for the financial cooperatives. We believe that a close and growing collaboration between these two agencies is essential for the long term growth and success of these efforts.

Program: Download the PDF here.

Day One Presentations: Capacitatcion para Acreditacion CDFI | Transfondo de las Instituciones Financieras de Desarrollo Comunitario | CDFI Fund Program Overview | Como hacer crecer los CDFIs? | Por que CDFI? | Proporcionando empoderamiento financiero dentro de las comunidades que servimos | Capacitacion para Acreditacion CDFI

Day Two Presentations: Financiamiento de la energia solar residencial | Council Rock: Small Private Networks  | Key Issues Facing Credit Unions | Compliance Updates

Speakers: Download full list of speaker bios

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