NYS CDFI Coalition Lobby Day

In 2007 New York established a State CDFI Fund modeled after that of the US Treasury, the first  in the country. It has not been funded to date. The New York State CDFI Coalition is requesting a $15 million appropriation in the 2016 budget to help:

  • revitalize downtowns in upstate NYNYS CDFI logo
  • create affordable housing
  • support the start-up and expansion of business
  • foster the creation of thousands of jobs

On January 12, Pamela Owens, VP of Programs, participated in the Coalition’s Lobby Day, meeting with:

  1. Assemblymember Fred Thiele of Bridgehampton
    NYS CDFI Lobby Day 2 Benson and Bunge

    Aisha Benson, TruFund, & Mary Beth Bunge, NYS CDFI Coalition Coordinator

  2. Assemblymember (Mr.) Robin Schimminger of Kenmore
  3. Senator Diane Savino of Brooklyn and Staten island
  4. Senator Phil Boyle of Bayshore
  5. Assemblymember Annette Robinson of Brooklyn
  6. Senator Rich Funke of Rochester
  7. Senator Martin Golden of Brooklyn
  8. Senator Catharine Young of Chautauqua and Olean
  9. Assemblymember Keith Wright of New York City
  10. Senator Hugh Farley of Ballston Spa

NYS CDFI Lobby Day 1

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