Membership Benefits

Every community development credit union (CDCU) was founded in the belief that those who work hard deserve the opportunity to achieve financial security. The Federation has developed tremendous expertise and knowledge in serving the underserved, providing technical assistance, networking opportunities, capital, education, professional development, financial counseling, best practices and more to support the work of all CDCUs. Federation membership is an essential investment in the future of your credit union and your community.

Membership Benefits

Access to the Federation’s Community Development Investment Program | Discounted consulting services through CU Breakthrough | Technical Assistance |Free credit counseling through Balance | Free webinars | Discounted registration at Federation events | Participation in the only US network of credit unions with a mission of financial empowerment | Participation in Cooperative Finance Leadership of America | Program support for serving diverse markets

Capital: Since 1982, the Community Development Investment Program has invested over $100 million in community development credit unions. The Federation’s investment offerings are designed to increase liquidity, boost net worth, and reduce credit unions’ risk so our member CDCUs can achieve greater impact in their local communities.

Growth: Our CU Breakthrough consulting services can help with CDCU organizing, obtaining CDFI certification, applying for Low-Income Designation or charter expansion, developing strategy or secondary capital plans and more.

Leadership: The Federation invented secondary capital for low-income credit unions, co-founded the CDFI Coalition, helps create the CDFI Fund, CDCI and CDFI Bond programs and shaped NCUA Final Rule on Low-Income Designation.

Innovation: Leading edge programs include the Better Directions program for seniors, Borrow and Save payday loan alternative programs, BEST Accounts and BEST Internships for people with disabilities, partnerships, exchanges.

Knowledge: Educational opportunities include the CDCU Institute, Cooperative Finance Leaders for America, mmigrant initiatives, research and publications, including the CDCU Financial Trends Reports and CUNA E-SCAN.  The Federation also helps CDCUs develop financial counseling and coaching strategies to support their members.

Impact: CDCUs protect and build assets in communities, reduce predatory lending, promote homeownership, increase financial security for individuals and contribute to improved public safety and increased property values.  By joining the Federation and our Homeownership Network, CDCUs can move down the path to becoming a HUD certified housing counseling organization.

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