Letter to the Editor of CU Times

To the Editor:

It is perhaps no surprise that the credit unions featured in Peter Strozniak’s October CU Times article, Outreach Efforts Continue Despite Immigration Reform Stall, are Federation members, as our federation promotes financial inclusion for moderate- and low-income people, including immigrants. The federal government and financial regulators do not discourage credit unions from serving immigrants, regardless of immigration status. Our lawmakers, and the agencies that enforce the regulations governing credit unions, recognize that allowing people to participate in a safe, regulated financial system is good for people, the economy and our national security.

Immigrants are not terrorists. They are often low-wage day laborers and domestic workers. They are the people who grow and harvest our food. They are members of our communities, actively participating in the economy, who need access to the safe and affordable products and services that credit unions provide.

Many credit unions were formed in direct response to Jim Crow laws, redlining in communities of color, and other forms of racial and ethnic discrimination. As immigration reform continues to evolve, the Federation will continue to support its members’ service to all underserved communities, including immigrants, and continue to help all low income people achieve financial independence through credit unions.


Cathie Mahon


National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions


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