CDCU Mortgage Center

The Federation launched the CDCU Mortgage Center in 2005 to expand CDCUs’ mortgage lending capacity, thereby increasing access to affordable homeownership in underserved communities across the nation. Federation member credit unions can sell conforming and non-conforming mortgage loans directly to the CDCU Mortgage Center. The member credit union or a designated approved loan servicer maintains servicing on all loans sold to the CDCU Mortgage Center.


Federation member credit unions that meet our general Eligibility Criteria are eligible to sell mortgages that meet our purchase parameters to the CDCU Mortgage Center. Federation will first assess a credit union’s prior performance in mortgage lending and then will work with the credit union to identify qualifying mortgage loans and negotiate pricing.


The CDCU Mortgage Center purchases seasoned, performing, first lien, one-to-four family and condominium mortgage loans, manufactured home loans and coop loans. Fully amortizing fixed-rate and adjustable rate mortgage loans are eligible for purchase. The CDCU Mortgage Center only purchases seasoned, performing mortgages of up to $250,000. Learn more by downloading the mortgage purchase parameters for each loan type available to the right.

How to Apply

Download and complete the Secondary Mortgage Market application form and submit with required documents by email to the Federation. The Federation will follow-up with a request for additional information on the proposed mortgage loan portfolio. Secondary Mortgage Market applications are accepted on a continuous basis.

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