Internal Controls Webinar

Internal Control – Shared Responsibility and Accountability
New Webinar Exclusively for Credit Unions

Credit unions that initiate and consistently follow basic internal controls are less likely to experience fraud and embezzlement than credit unions whose internal controls are weak. The larger the credit union, the more internal controls are required and the more complicated they are. But even the smallest credit union must have functional internal controls in place.

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Internal Controls Webinar
Thursday, July 20, 2017 | 3:00 – 4:30 pm ET
Speaker: Vanessa Lowe

Speaker: Vanessa Lowe

Join Vanessa Lowe, Training and Economic Development Specialist at the NCUA Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives, for a webinar outlining the key areas of internal controls:

  • Cash and Vault Management
  • Separation of Duties
  • Key Coverage Areas
  • Training – How to develop a training program
  • Free no-cost resources

Internal controls are an integral part of a credit union’s risk management program and a shared responsibility involving all parties in the credit union, including the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, executives and managers, front-line and back-office employees, and outside parties and business partners, including the external auditor.

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