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Customer Driven Development | Core and Connection Suite Solutions

EPL is a core provider driving change, innovation & speed while offering premier technology solutions, service, & software

  • Rich, custom, scalable core product & solutionsEPL logo new
  • Cloud-based software services structure
  •  The “Connection Suite” …improved member connections through…
    • World-class, high value proprietary solutions
    • Choice: ability to connect partner solutionsEPL Map
    • Market & customer driven I-power® roadmap
  • Key Differentiators
    • Culture of support & collaboration – we listen and change our products to customers evolving needs (i.E. Product Advisory Team, dedicated account management & support teams)
    • Our i-POWER® & Bankup core software engines drive development of real-time, granular, innovative, world-class solutions
  • World class tier 3 data centers
  • A choice employer, a premier partner, and a supportive, responsible corporate business citizen

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