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CU Impact was created out of a need unmet by other core providers

epl 2CU Impact is a customized shared core platform for credit unions of all sizes, combining the Federation’s 40+ years of experience in the LMI market with EPL’s pioneering, open architecture i-POWER® system. Developed to provide credit unions with the robust back-office accounting, processing and compliance support all credit unions need, CU Impact also provides CDCUs with he ability to measure, evaluate and report on their impact in the community.

  • CU Impact increases efficiency and lowers the cost to credit unions

CU Impact lowers operating costs by including key applications as part of the core itself vs. expensive add-on’s. It also increases efficiency in data sharing and storage, and enables credit unions to outsource and automate cumbersome back-office support and IT functions.

  • CU Impact integrates with other solutions
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CU Impact provides seamless integration with other products, key to staying relevant as new technology arises.

  • CU Impact measures, evaluates and reports on credit union impact

CU Impact gives CDCUs the tools they need to collect and analyze member data, allowing credit unions to better serve their members with targeted, relevant product recommendations and offers. The ability to easily report on member and community impact is especially useful for CDFI credit unions.

  • CU Impact facilitates the development and adoption of new products

CU Impact’s Innovation Lab increases the ability of CDCUs to innovate and adopt new technology and enhancements like remote account opening to facilitate enrollments from community partners, money management tools integrated into transaction accounts, child savings accounts, transparent and trustworthy remittance services and small dollar loans.


Contact Blake Myers at to learn more about CU Impact.


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