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CU IMpact final 2What is CU Impact?

CU Impact is the first-ever shared core processor created for credit unions serving low-income communities. Developed by the Federation and powered by EPL’s  i-POWER®, CU Impact:

  • epl_logoFacilitates development and deployment of innovative products and services relevant to low-income consumers
  • Measures, evaluates and reports on credit unions’ impact on their communities
  • Increases efficiency and lowers the cost to credit unions of all sizes
  • Connects and ‘plays well’ with other systems with an ‘open’ solution

Drawing on the Federation’s leadership, experience and knowledge of underserved markets, along with EPL’s, pioneering i-POWER® system, CU Impact has the capacity to integrate new products and services targeted for the low-income and underserved consumers, track outcomes, and support the consolidation of accounting, compliance and processing functions for credit unions of all sizes. The platform will be built on the key principles that facilitate economies of scale for small financial institutions, allowing numerous small institutions to connect to coordinated, aggregated banking services, processing and compliance functions.

Funding available! The Federation is offering a special grant round to help credit unions cover the cost to enhance or convert to CU Impact. Apply by November 13th to be considered for funding.

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