Federation Board Meets in NYC

When the Federation Board met in NYC last month, several members and staff traveled to Brooklyn via ferry. Pictured clockwise from top are Paul Woodruff, Executive Director of Prosperity Connection and VP of Community Development at St. Louis Community Credit Union with Cathie Mahon, Federation CEO, and Paul Grinde, Community Development Officer, CoVantage Credit Union; Pam Owens, Federation VP of Programs with Pam Murphy, CEO, Citizens Choice Federal Credit Union; Brenda Dominguez, CFO of Guadalupe Credit Union with Amber Dominguez; Alyssa Timin and Eben Sheaffer, Federation CFO, with Jack Lawson, CEO of Missoula Federal Credit Union, Mignhon Tourne, CEO of ASI Federal Credit Union; Carla Decker, CEO, District Government Employee Federal Credit Union; Dey Del Rio, Board Chair of Lower East Side People’s Credit Union, with Mignhon and Jack.

june 2015 board meeting composite

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