Expansion by Existing CDFIs: KC

Expansion by Existing CDFIs

When: August 19-20, 2015
Where: Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, Kansas City, MO

This workshop is part of the CDFI Fund’s “Expanding CDFI Coverage in Underserved Areas” Capacity Building Initiative Training Series.

This workshop, provided by OFN in partnership with the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions (NFCDCU) and Community Development Bankers Association (CDBA), is targeted at existing CDFI banks, credit unions, and loan funds seeking to explore successful strategies for geographic and product expansion in underserved areas and areas of persistent poverty. During the workshop, participants will focus on successful strategies for expansion applicable to each CDFI organizational structure. The workshop will also offer an extensive overview of key operations, staffing, and technology considerations for expansion.

All of the Expanding CDFI Coverage in Underserved Areas workshops are free of charge to participants; however, workshop attendees are responsible for their own travel, food, and incidental costs.

Click here for more detail on this and the other workshops in the series, “Forming New an Affiliated CDFI Entities” and “Understanding the Benefits of CDFI Status for Newly-Certified and Prospective CDFIs,” and to register.

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