Reaching Out to Immigrant Communities

Reaching Out to Immigrant Communities

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 2:00 PM Eastern Time Zone (ET) – 3:30 PM Eastern Time Zone (ET)

At 52 million strong, Hispanics represent 16.7 percent of the total U.S. population. Twenty percent of this market is unbanked (never had a relationship with a financial institution), and 28.6 percent is underbanked (limited or sporadic use of a FI). A staggering 41.5 percent of low income Hispanics are unbanked. This represents a tremendous growth opportunity for credit unions interested in serving this market.

Serving immigrant populations is both a sustainable business strategy and vital to fulfilling the goal of helping people of modest means achieve financial independence. Learn about strategic planning tools and best practices research that will help you better understand the needs of emerging markets, identify opportunities in the marketplace, and develop sustainable strategies:

  • The Emerging Market Review (EMR), developed by the Federation, is a thorough review of a credit union’s products, services and operations to determine the alignment with the demand of the credit union’s target markets. The end result is a set of recommendations for new products and services, bundling and enhancement of existing products, messaging and communication, opportunities for service to the community, and new revenue.
  • The Hispanic Opportunity Navigator (HON), developed by Coopera, is a strategic planning tool designed to accelerate your credit union into the next phase of growth. This assessment is used by many credit unions to start Hispanic outreach programs and will save you time and money as you embark on Hispanic outreach efforts. The assessment includes: Customized Road Map; Needs Assessment; Demographic Market Scan; Branch Analysis; Hispanic Membership Analysis; Report and Presentation.
  • Hear about lessons from a research study conducted by Urban Advisors that identifies best practices for lending programs tailored to the needs of recent immigrants, specifically around citizenship loans and Dreamer Loans.


  • Ann Solomon, Federation
  • Anna Pena, Coopera
  • Dave Sharp, Urban Advisors

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