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At Fairfax County CDFI Certification Leads to Financial Assistance Grants

"Every credit union that qualifies as low-income should go for CDFI"...

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Secondary Capital Supports CORE Credit Union’s Growth

CORE Credit Union in Statesboro, Georgia got their first secondary capital loan from the Federation......

Freedom First for Our Stories

Borrow and Save at Freedom First

Freedom First Federal Credit Union is honored to be selected by the Federation to launch the Borrow and Save product....

The Staff of Mendo Lake CU

Mendo Lake Credit Union Uses CDFI Grants to Expand Services

Awarded $4.9 Million in CDFI Grants Since Certification...

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MariSol FCU Uses CDFI Grant to Grow Assets, Loans and Deposits

Marisol Federal Credit Union in Phoenix, Arizona started out as the Maricopa County Employee Federal Credit Union, organized by Charles Samuels in 1954. ...

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Kerr County Federal Credit Union Uses Secondary Capital to Grow

Kerr County Federal Credit Union is as remarkable as the growth they’ve experienced in the past 14 years. Started in 1936 in the...

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St. Louis Community and Freedom First Receive Community Credit Union of the Year Award

CUNA's Community Credit Union of the Year Award honors credit unions that exemplify the principles of the credit union movement and provide an array...

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Southern Chautauqua’s Kids’ CU

John Felton, CEO of Southern Chautauqua FCU, has a 212 degree goal. “At 212 degrees hot water turns to steam....

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Guadalupe Credit Union Reaches Out to Unbanked

Brenda Dominguez, CFO of Guadalupe Credit Union in Santa Fe, NM is 700 miles away from the Pacific Ocean and 1600 miles away from...

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