Board Committees

Executive Committee

The Board of Directors chooses its own officers, who make up the Executive Committee.

Deyanira Del Río, Chair
Mignhon Tourné, Vice Chair
Jack Lawson, Treasurer
Robin Romano, Corresponding & Recording Secretary

Audit Committee

Paul Phillips, Chair
Randy Chambers
Robin Romano

Finance Committee

Brenda Dominguez, Chair
Michael Chan
Ed Cosner

Governance Committee

Gregg Brown, Chair
Dey Del Rio
Paul Grinde
Jack Lawson
Lynda Milton
Sharon Saulters

Government Affairs Committee

The Federation’s Government Affairs Committee tracks legislative, regulatory and policy issues that affect credit unions and advocates policy positions.  The committee is composed of members of the Federation’s Board of Directors as well as representatives from other member credit unions who have unique insights to help shape the Federation’s advocacy platform.

Dey Del Rio, Co-Chair
Paul Phillips, Co-Chair
Gregg Brown
Randy Chambers
Carla Decker
Helen Godfrey-Smith
Sheilah Montgomery
Robin Romano

Mortgage Committee

Robin Romano, Chair
Randy Chambers
Paul Grinde

Technology Committee

Mignhon Tourne, Chair
Brenda Dominguez
Bob Green
Jack Lawson
Linda Levy

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