Sheilah Montgomery

Sheilah Montgomery 150x200Sheilah Montgomery
Board Secretary, 1st Choice Credit Union

Mrs. Montgomery has been advancing the mission of the credit union movement while increasing the economic viability for individuals and communities for over four decades. She has been affiliated with The National Federation of Community Development Credit Union for over 12 years.

Sheilah has served two terms on the board and currently serves as the Secretary on the Federation Board of Director Executive Committee. She is also the Chair of the Federation small credit union committee. She is an International Credit Union Development Educator, a member of the AACUC Inaugural Hall of Fame, and presented the Outstanding Georgia Citizens Award from the Georgia Secretary of State. Sheilah is the Strategic Consultant for the new On the Rise Financial Center in Atlanta, GA.

Sheilah co-founded the African-American Credit Union Coalition, served on the board of the former Atlanta Cooperative, which focused on housing, education and small business, and initiated an IDA program to assist participant in the Atlanta Cooperative.  Her passion is to advocate for small credit unions and actively participate in bringing a diverse perspective to the credit union movement.

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