Annie Vamper Award

2018 Annie Vamper Helping Hands Award

When Annie Wilma Vamper passed away in May of 1990, the community development credit union movement lost one of its heroes. Annie’s life-long dedication to the credit union movement remains an inspiration to credit unions serving low-income people and communities today. The Annie Vamper Helping Hands Award honors Annie’s memory, and its highest honor presented by the Federation, celebrating individuals whose work for the movement continues Annie’s legacy and exemplifies the community development credit union mission of serving the underserved.

Federation member credit unions are invited to nominate staff, board members and volunteers for this prestigious award. The deadline for submitting Annie Vamper nominations is August 15, 2018. For questions about the Annie Vamper Helping Hands Award, please contact Pamela Owens, SVP Organizational Development and Capacity Building, at

Click here to learn more about Annie Vamper including information about last year’s awardee, Jim Masini.

Annie Vamper Award Nomination 2018

  • Nomination Questionnaire

    This questionnaire should be completed by the person/credit union who is nominating an individual for an award.
  • Please forward news clippings, articles, testimonials, etc., to help our committee make an informed decision. Please contact Pamela Owens at or (212) 809-1850 x 215 with any questions.

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